New-York freedom of expression, Romanian craftmanship, French elegance.

The brand

The dawning of Mademoiselle à SOHO came from a beautiful encounter in 2010 in Central Park, New York City. Designed in NY by Alexana french - Romanian founder, crafted responsibly and ethically in Europe using natural fabrics and fibers, the brand is a slow-fashion label of hand made children clothing that combines craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

About Mademoiselle à Soho - kids clothing quality brand

The vision

In every piece there is a specific detail whether it’s a color contrast, a fabric texture or a distinct spin on silhouette. Mademoiselle à Soho never follows trends, and the inspiration comes from the energy of visited places, people met. Mademoiselle à Soho is a balance between tailored and cool, simple but in a fashionable way, with a touch of humor.

Clothing quality brand for boys and girls

The line

Loyal to the Romanian haute couture skillful craftsmen, the label focuses on reviving and preserving the distinctive hand crafts born out of the desire to create timeless pieces to be worn, and handed down from one child to the next.
All the production steps go under tight and detailed quality controls that allows us to create a full guaranteed product in order to please the most selective and demanding customers to assure that when they choose MàS, they will owned the finest handcrafted durable and comfortable clothing made by generous and skilled craftspeople. The brand is committed to Fair trade sewing, environmentally conscious, sustainable fashion, and is ethically made in EU.

New York clothing brand for boys and girls - Mademoiselle à Soho